Swing Classes

This versatile and fun dance form has room for a lot of improvisations and expressions. It is a fast-paced and lively dance consisting of several flips, lifts, and turns.

The African slaves brought this form of dancing to America in earlier times. The style of swing dancing was greatly influenced by the emergence of various forms of jazz music. Some variants of swing are Lindy Hop, jitterbug, etc.

In 1926, The Savoy ballroom took jazz music to an epitome, which brought about various forms of swing dancing that gripped the whole world. Some of the forms include Lindy Hop which is the ancient form that originated in Harlem. East Coast Swing with heavy influence of foxtrot was mainly danced in the clubs. Apart from this, other forms of swing include West Coast Swing, Jive, etc.

Swing is taught in private classes so that our students can get enhanced attention from our instructors. This gives you the time and space to learn the skills at your own pace.

Swing – Private Lessons

Swing is offered only in Private Classes
Private lessons are a great way to learn the dance quickly and correctly.
The one-on-one attention given by the instructor allows students of all levels
to achieve their goals and get to the next level.
Concentration will be on technical correctness in all steps including lead, follow, connection, balance, and spins.
Prices for private classes start at $65 for up to 2 people (1-4 classes), $275(5-9 classes), and $500 (10 and more classes).

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Price: CAD $65