Merengue Classes

With its joyous rhythms and movements matching to many Caribbean dances, Merengue is characterized by a lot of hip moves.This spontaneous form is the national dance of Dominican Republic and Haiti.The basic step includes marching and is considered the easiest door to the world of Latin dancing.Although its history is quite disputed, it has gained popularity in two vivid forms.One is the folk dance version which is danced at a faster pace whilst the other is the ballroom version, which is slower with modified hip movements.

There are two tails entwined with the emergence of Merengue. One portrays the pain of slaves who were chained together in the Dominican Republic’s sugar plantation and were forced to drag one leg and cut sugar at the beat of the drum while the other relates to a war hero of the Republic who was wounded in one leg while fighting in a revolution and out of respect the locals limped and dragged a leg during the victory festivities.

All Levels

This is one of the easiest and most fun Latin dances. Learn new fancy sequences, Latin hip movement, focus on the beat This is a must class for all Salsa dancers and everyone who wants to learn this easy and fun dance


Price: CAD $31