We always enjoy music, and our feet automatically start to tap when we enjoy the music. There are many civilisations all over the world, and every one of them has specific dance moves which are traditionally carried through ages. Dancing is something which unites everyone in the world, and it brings out happiness in people no matter what part of the world they belong.

Five Traditional Dances from around the World

The following are some of the traditional dances from all over the world:

Tinikling Dance:

Tinikling Dance is a famous traditional dance from the Philippines and it a brilliant dance which is done by taping bamboo sticks and people will have dance steps where they will have to hop in-between the bamboo sticks. The dance is done to imitate the movements of a bird named Tikling. The locals try to mimic the graceful movement of the bird which escapes from the various bamboo traps that are kept in the fields. The people tap the bamboo against each other and also on the ground so that they will be able to create beats.


Waltz is one of the most beautiful and romantic dances on the earth. It is exquisite, and many people use this dances for different ballroom dancing. Waltz originated in Germany, and today it is one of the most popular dances in the Western continents. Waltz has a rise and fall pattern where the dancers are required to swing their shoulders as they move across the floor. The dancers are expected to move with their toes for many of their dance steps. Waltz is very entertaining to watch, and you can also learn it easily.

Celestial Dance:

You can understand by the name how elegant and beautiful the dance steps of the celestial dance will be; the dancers will gently sway their hands as per the rhythm of the music, and they are dressed in beautiful garments, and they have a golden crown. Celestial dance originates from Cambodia, and the dance moves usually mesmerise the crowd. The dance is usually slow, and it is said that the dance is slow and graceful to capture and cast a spell on anyone.


The Yoruba dance originates from Nigeria, and the Nigerian people are very much involved in dancing. The Yorba dance is done by wearing colourful costumes, and people usually dance to a catchy drum beat. The dance is restricted to hip movement and mimics the sitting posture. Yoruba is lovely to watch, and Nigerians are quite talented and put in so much energy into each dance move.


Ghoomar is a popular traditional dance that was originated from Rajasthan, India. It is such a colourful dance, and you will be thrilled to see such types of dances. The dance has elegant hip and leg movements, and these dances can go on without stopping for a long time.