Waltz Classes

Waltz, a simple yet elegant dance form uses rhythmic techniques of ‘rise and fall’ and body sway. Comprising of soft, flowing movements, it is the most romantic dance form. With step-slide-step motion in ¾ time, the dancers appear to effortlessly glide across the dance floor. The first beat is bold while the corresponding beats are of lower tempo. With romantic music and confident moves, this dance form is easy to learn for beginners.

The Waltz evolved in Germany and later its fame cascaded throughout the world. Its original folk dance form further transformed into Walzer. The modern-day Waltz was taken over to Paris by Napoleon’s soldiers, from there it glided to England and USA. This closed ballroom dance form is also called the ‘mother of present day dances’ and the ‘backbone dance’.

Waltz Beginner Bronze 1

Waltz 1

A traditional favorite with Bridal Couples the Waltz continues to be a must for all good dancers.
It’s grace and poise captures the romance and elegance of good dancing.
Fortunately for us dancers good Waltz music continues to be written even today

Price: CAD $44