Tango Classes

Danced in both modern and traditional styles, tango dancers can interact in the unique language of dance. It has distinct potential for expressions and improvisations. This passionate form can be danced on any type of music be it conventional or modern. Danced in closed positions, the dancers follow the pattern of leader and follower.

This fun dance form originated in Rio de la Plata, the periphery between Argentina and Uruguay. Originating in the 1890s, earlier it was known as tango criollo. An interesting 2007 study reveals the intriguing fact that tango with its twists and turns has the capability to cure Parkinson’s disease. Seeing its ever-increasing popularity, UNESCO signed a treaty with Argentina and Uruguay that includes tango in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.

Tango Beginner Bronze 1

The Ballroom Tango draws its inspiration from the Argentine Tango.
The Tango is a very emotional dance and this should be conveyed
Must see lots of clipped movements, it’s not fluid like a waltz
The action must always be staccato
Sharp head turning and stops
The hold is different in the tango. The man’s left arm is more towards head level.
The general hold is far more compact and the couple are much tighter together
No rise and fall. This should be a very flat dance.
The legs are therefore always slightly flexed (i.e. the knees should be slightly bent at all times) NO PARTNER REQUIRED!

Price: CAD $44

Tango Bronze 2

Pre-requisite – Completed Bronze 1


Price: CAD $59