5 Most Famous Dance Styles in the World

5 Most Famous Dance Styles in the World

Dance is something which unites us no matter what our backgrounds might be. Dancing is a form of expression and art through which we tell people a story or information. It is also a way in which people gather and express their emotions in the social interaction. Some of us like watching other people dancing while others love dancing. It takes a great deal to practise the dance moves and come to perfection. Even though some of us don’t dance when we listen to some music that we like we automatically move our body to the rhythm.

The following are some of the most famous dance styles in the world:

Tap Dance:

Tap dancing started during 1800, and it is characterised by the tapping sound that is created by tapping of the feet with the floor. The dancers usually have a metal piece attached to their shoes so that when they tap, it creates a unique tap sound when the dancers tap their feet on the surface of the dance floor. Some of the steps in tap dancing include running flaps, double shuffle, ball change, flap, flap heel, flap ball etc.


Bhangra originated in Gujarat, India and is now quite popular in the United Kingdom. The dance is traditionally done during a festival in India named the Vaisakhi festival. The festival is celebrated when the crops harvesting is over. The drumbeat that associates with Bhangra music is very catchy and it makes everyone to dance. The dance moves look very energetic and vibrant.

Hip-Hop Dance:

When we have the hip-hop music, we obviously have the hip-hop dance. This kind of dancing style is one of the most popular dances in the world, and it is often referred to as street dance. Hip-Hop dance style started out around the 70s, and some of the dance styles are popping, break style, locking etc. Though there are many dances in the world, hip-hop seems to be one of the famous and loved dances of all time.


Salsa is quite popular all over the world, and it originated from Latin America. You will need a partner to dance Salsa, and the music that is played along with the dance is quite energetic and upbeat. Salsa is lovely to watch and both the dancers elegantly perform the dance step in an excellent and coordinated manner.

Belly Dance:

Belly dance is a Westernised term for the traditional west Asian dance for the Raqs Sharqi. People call it as belly dancing as the dance involves moving the hip and the belly in a particular manner. Belly Dancing gained popularity in the 18th and 19th century during the Ottoman Empire. It is an intricate dance and requires skills and practise to become perfect in belly dancing.  Belling dancing is also quite sensual, and one really has to be skilled to make sure delicate moves.