Burlesque Classes

This is PRE-Registration class ONLY!

Aimed at challenging the set ways of the higher class, Burlesque evolved as a major source of entertainment for the middle and lower class of Great Britain during 1840 to 1960. It was earlier considered as a satirical art of musical gags that left its audiences in splits of laughter. It was later with its decline that the dance form transformed into something more suggestive rather than humorous.

Burlesque, these days, focuses on sensuality and style. It often has one or more elements from its previous forms. Burlesque is different than striptease as it is equally dedicated to performance, sexuality, and humor.

Burlesque is performed for fun and it is not rare for performers to pay out more money on costumes and accessories than they earn per performance.

Although the performers still follow the tradition of stripping down to g-string or merkin, the purpose is different than the earlier one of sexual gratification of men. The striptease may be used to challenge sexual objectification, orientation, and other social taboos.


This is Pre- Registration class ONLY!

Want to do something sexy, sensual and entirely for you?  Our burlesque classes provide the first step into the world of burlesque.
We’ll gently guide you into some of the core techniques of this art form.
Our focus is on the art of striptease -emphasis on the tease!Each class will revise core burlesque techniques: Burlesque Walk, Bump, Grinds, Shakes, and Shimmies.  Allow yourself to learn, build and improve these areas each week – work at a pace that suits you!  Whilst we are keen to build up your ‘basic’ burlesque moves,
we also take you through a new skill,
trick or a different aspect of burlesque performance every week.  We offer a mixture of fully choreographed routines and build up your skill set so you can improvise using basic techniques.

Skills offered include:
Feather Boa/Silk Scarf Teasing; Gloves Removal; Stocking Peels; Pin Up Poses; Fan Dancing. Just to name a few!

Price: CAD $75

Burlesque dance performance Team

Pre- Registration ONLY.   Limited space, we accept only 10 candidates.  Reserve your spot NOW!

Pre-requisite: finish at least level 1 Burlesque

Dance Studios.Ca offers Performance Classes for students who have the dream of hitting the big stage or small and be part of a great Dance Team
Being part of a performance team is much more than just dancing.
You will learn many new skills including stagecraft, costume design and make-up.
Although training sessions are challenging – the most important thing is that you have fun.

The benefits of joining Dance Team are many:
Learn steps, you’d never learn in regular classes
Enhance your styling
Improve your timing and musicality
Increase your confidence on the dance floor
Improve your memory of turn patterns and shines

As a member of the troupe, after 3 months, you will have access to any group program we teach at the Studios – FREE

As a team member, you will learn an entire choreography in Burlesque.

Classes take place once a week but require a longer time commitment.
Most performance classes run for 12-20 weeks.
As well, the students in the performance classes often meet at the studio to practice outside of their regularly scheduled performance class time slot.

Our Team creates a supportive environment that challenges and encourages you to reach your dancing potential

Inquire at the Studio, or send us an email.
Monthly fee is $65

Price: CAD $10